The thing about dreams is that you never have to train your mind to love a dream or keep it in your focus. It defines your choices and actions. You may want to choose your dream well because, no matter how improbable it sounds, it defines you.


The months or years may pass. Life may change. You end up leaving places you thought were your home and finding worlds that you did not know existed. People who you thought would stay leave, and people you did not expect to find are met. Through all that, no matter what happens, the dream remains. It is like an extra pair of lungs, making you breath air when it is otherwise scarce, or like a secret friend who is impossible to introduce to others.

Dream_2Sometimes it makes you tired. You wish the dream would leave and let you be alone. But at the same you know that even if it would leave you alone that would not bring you peace. A certain part in your mind would remain forever restless, like not understanding the end of the quest.

Then suddenly one day is the day when it’s done; the dream is caught.

What comes instantly after is a white space. For a while thoughts in the mind feel too quick; like flashing images you catch only with the corner of your eye. Almost secretly, you look behind – the hours, days or years when you were in the middle of it – carefully gathering in your mind the moments when finishing the goal felt like the most lonely and impossible thing in the world. You don’t know if you should laugh or cry a bit so you end up doing neither.

Dream_3Then you notice. You have to train your mind to realize the moment when the dream comes true – no matter how improbable, unexpected, ordinary or fleeting. That day, like any other day, you can see the sun rising, people leaving their homes for work. Birds continue flying and the neighbor’s dog keeps barking. No one is holding a banner and telling you: “This particular moment is the moment.” (Not that you ever expected that.)

It is a moment almost too fragile to be realized, almost too easy to go unnoticed. You find it almost impossible to realize that from that moment on you don’t have to think about it anymore – you have become it.

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