If you were not afraid

By now I assume everyone has seen somewhere a poster or a mug or a notebook or an iPhone case that says: KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.

The history behind these posters keeps intriguing me. It was intended to be distributed all around Great Britain during the Second World War, in case if Germany invading Britain. But it never happened and so the poster was never published. (See more here.)

Of course someone can say that it was a silly propagandist idea. But something in this poster’s straightforwardness and message keeps attracting many. We all know situations or phases in life when this blunt message applies. Just imagine seeing it on a billboard or on a bus stop on a way to anywhere really.

A glance to people’s Pinterest sites reveals the thirst for these kinds of lines. The collections of sentences and posters that people call “Quotes”, “Words” and “Inspiration” – self-made kits that help us to attune to surviving and good things, instead of fears that seem to enter and niggle our minds so much easier.

When walking or driving in cities and towns, the billboards are passively and without permission feeding us a flood of images and words. Companies keep buying those advertisement spaces because what ever is shown up there affects our thinking unconsciously.

But what if half of that space would be used for “words”, “quotes” and “inspiration” – for simple sentences, which only aim is to motivate us kindly?


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