I know what you’re saying

Finnish and English are not in any way related languages. For the sake of keeping the story short, I offer just one example. When “mom” is in Swedish “mamma”, in Spanish “madre”, in German “die Mutter”, in French “maman”, in Croatian “majka” and in Dutch “moeder”, in Finnish it’s “äiti”. So just trust me on this; knowing Finnish doesn’t give you any advantage or insight in understanding English, just Elvish languages (see more e.g. here).

Despite this fundamental disparity, I have noticed that actually, some expressions are very similar, almost identical. When I say these expressions spontaneously out loud next to my English-speaking friends, they laugh and correct my accent, even though my intention was not to speak English at all in the first place. Maybe someone has researched this. Maybe these words are universal – the words we produce without thinking:


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